Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Pucker UP

That strange expression you're seeing on your face when you look in the mirror is the taste of sour grapes. Not yours. It's coming from Connecticut, but the flavor is so pungent we all can taste it as though we were its source.

Lieberman. I can hardly think the word without puckering up.

So he's going to run as an independent? Why should this surprise anyone? If countries act like none too bright ten year olds, why should we marvel when an old guy in politics does? He'll run as an independent, thinking he'll get those voters who supported him yesterday to vote for him again. Thinking, well, I have a chance to win.

Not, not, not. No chance, Lance.

Even though he was a big vote getter in 2002, when he was also running for VP. His 63% of the vote then won't translate. Everything was different--I don't have to enumerate (but I will). In addition to the above, it was the election right after 9/11--remember the mood? Do you feel that way today?

He'll get a few votes, sure. If he did amazingly well, he might get 30%, but that'll be enough. No, not to win. Just to put the Republican challenger into his Senate seat, if the Republican holds at 34%.

Dumb, Joe. We all know you've gotta have an ego big as, well, Connecticut, to be in politics, but I did think better of you. I hoped a little Al Gore would have rubbed off.


  1. This is not about books -- well, maybe it is, since he's written one -- but will somebody tell me why Al Gore shouldn't run again? Has any Democrat ever been shown to be a greater vote getter? And maybe he could wake us up in time to save the planet. HomerT.

  2. Oh, Homer. Be still my heart. That is a great question.

  3. The Gray Lady reports some news which might refute your hotheaded assertions...

    "Republican officials at the state and national level have made the extraordinary decision to abandon their official candidate, and some are actively working to help Mr. Lieberman win in November.

    Despite Mr. Lieberman’s position that he will continue to caucus with Democrats if re-elected, all three Republican Congressional candidates in Connecticut have praised Mr. Lieberman and have not endorsed the party’s nominee, Alan Schlesinger. An independent group with Republican ties is raising money for Mr. Lieberman, who has been a strong supporter of President Bush on the Iraq war.

    Senator John McCain of Arizona, while saying he would support the Republican nominee, is not planning to campaign for him, and even allowed two of his aides to consult with the Lieberman camp before the Aug. 8 Democratic primary. And Newt Gingrich, the Republican who once served as House speaker, has endorsed Mr. Lieberman’s candidacy."

    Also: does the world really need another blogs about politics? It's not "shitcrackers" after all, is it?

  4. Oh, the poli sci folks are going to have a good time with this campaign. Even I will actually look at the way the vote splits.

    The term shitcrackers reminds old goats of WW2 SOS. A redolent image.