Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another view? Kathryn on...: Yuck

Kathryn on...: Yuck
The people who spend hours and hours crafting their blog posts, pouring their heart and soul into making something they feel proud of... then whine and complain about why they don't have more readers, and how they don't understand why the flippant, silly girl with goofy pop culture-related posts has higher site traffic. Either you do it for yourself or for others, people. There's a reason a high-concept, high-quality magazine like Topic has so many fewer readers than shopping-crazy Lucky. The more esoteric and abstract your language and topics, the smaller your potential audience. Consider it a badge of honor.

Oh, I am so excited, she's talking about ME! Elitist B that I am. But, hey, she writes very well. It's a valid point of view. Shallow may be the only way to cope these days. Read ChickLit. (I'd cite a title if I could think of one.) Enjoy The Devil Wears...(that makes at least 2 devilish roles for Meryl Streep, what can blogdom pull out of that coincidence?) Maybe the best response is to fiddle away while the globe's been done before on a smaller scale. But, whoa, that's a reference to history, old white men in Europe-type history. We don't teach or read that any more, do we?


  1. I think you are trying too hard.

    What happened to being a blog about books?

  2. Point well taken. See the following post. (But this is now also a blog about writing.)