Wednesday, August 9, 2006

A Different Hammer

This time it was voters who did the Hammering--Lieberman. News flash: the war isn't popular. My own random sampling confirms it (who needs elections for that, right?). Democrats do NOT like this war. They don't like the way it's caused us to be perceived by the rest of the world. We used to be the good guys...They don't like all the killing and they have a really hard time with it, but they're not thrilled with what Israel's doing, either.

But I've got even more news for the White House: A lot of Republicans also don't like it. (Sort of like abortion: even the pro-choice people don't LIKE it. There are alternatives.) You know, folks, there aren't all that many neo-cons in the world, much less the GOP. You don't win elections with neo-cons. And there are a lot of Republicans who'll be voting for Democrats come election day. You watch.

Oh, this is a blog about books. Right. Have you checked out The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright? Front page review in last week's NYT. Educate thyself. Try Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger for a history of the game seen through Realpolitikal eyes.

Then, go get yourself a nice big Maalox, and a glass of your favorite brew and try to feel hopeful.

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