Thursday, September 7, 2006


That title sounds like something from a Scandinavian language, but it's what I've been doing today. I just started reading Radioactive Girl and I like the few of her links that I've had time to check out. I liked this depressed guy, Karl whose blog is called Secondhand Tryptophan. Actually I'm kind of excited. I think I've been looking at blogging much too narrowly, just linking to publisher pages on books. I've been doing that publisher page thing, BTW, because I want to patronize my local independent bookstore, but I have a small financial stake in said store so I think it's not pure to link there on every book on the blog, and so on, and so on.

Plus, the store's new website with online ordering isn't up yet, for a com/tragedy of basic ineptitude. OK, here's a scenario, I'm not saying for sure this is what happened, but think how you'd feel if it happened to you: new owners of store, new manager, inherited staff geek, a really nice guy. Main but not only job is to design and activate a new webpage with online ordering through Booksense. Say this is in June. Then say in late August he leaves for foreign parts, as expected, but he leaves no information on how to access the design work he did on the site, AND the site is still inactive. Would not massive gnashing of teeth ensue?

This is why reading other people's blogs is so salutary. The above is a tiny toenail problem, not even of hangnail dimensions. Thanks to all for the perspective. Be well.


  1. I'm completely hooked on reading blogs. No TV, just read blogs. I've noticed that there's a lot of writers doing them. Frustrated writers. I thought it was mostly artist, 3d artist. Seems it appeals to all artist, no matter the form. I think it's the conection, some one that gets 'it' may be reading you. I know my neighbors wouldn't get it... Can I add one of you blogs under my favorites? I get quite a few "readers" from all over. My favorite is from New South Whales. Don't know why I think that's neat, but I do. ~PJ

  2. It is neat to have readers from places so far away, as well as nearby. Sure you can add me to your blog!